The key here is a light coat. See more ideas about Patina metal, Metal, Patina. on Introduction. I'd love to see a full shot of the finished truck. Did you make this project? To make this color, I used a combination of hugger orange and black (4 parts orange to 1 part black). Hopefully, no one has touched the bodywork with their greasy hands during the process. Get up to 50% off. I’m sure you can find all sorts of patina’s at your local craft store (or Home Depot). Newest [ December 16, 2020 ] How To Survive A Car Crash Hot Rod Lifestyle [ December 16, 2020 ] Making a Custom Stake Pocket Fuel Filler for a Fleetside Bed DIY Projects [ December 16, 2020 ] 1,000hp ’55 Chevy Build by MetalWorks Classic Auto Restoration … For this technique, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Provence. Except, as it turns out, the ones near me. La « patine » (et son terme anglais « Patina ») correspond à peu près l’aspect visuel d’un véhicule d’époque dans un état d’usage et correctement entretenu. ), looks great... it certainly has the aged look... good on you for taking a risk painting your car and kudos for the finished product, 6 years ago Regardless of the spraying method, to get the best results, keep the sprayer at a set distance from the truck (usually around 8"), avoid drips, and apply nice and evenly. You're going to need a sanding block with 320 grit sandpaper and a spray bottle full of water and a bit of dish soap. patina painting technique. I simply ran out of time to take it as far as I wanted... have a long weekend coming up, and hope to get some more pictures for you guys then! Like between the fender and door, or the door and the roof. Here are my favorite DIY Patina Projects that are pretty simple! We're gong to wet sand the truck to simulate nearly 40 years of wear and tear. I had read a story a long time ago in Hot Rod magazine about painting a car with Rust-Oleum and a foam roller. The reason the paint needs to be sealed is that the base coat has no sealer, as it’s designed to be clear coated. Paint in several light coats for the best results and minimum dripping. Spraying just wont cut it here. The next step is to put a layer of red-oxide colored paint over the base coat. If he ever saw what I'm about to suggest... let's just assume it wouldn't go over well. Share it with us! 1. Patina Watering Can First, clean and wipe off the item you want to paint. Begin by stippling a blend of lighter & darker shades of turquoise on top of a copper or bronze base color. Letting one area dry with an edge left undone and then coming back to it will only create paint lines in your final product. Yes. Top Right is Green Patina sprayed over dry Copper paint then spread around in swirls, with a foam brush. These are the spots that you will sand the most. I also spent a lot of time reading "The $50 Paint Job" at, in which he painted a Corvair using the same method. Unlike a traditional paint job, all you're going to need to do here is scuff and sand the existing paint to give the new layers something to cling to. Because I live on a gravel road, the dust levels are pretty intense. Jul 8, 2020 - Explore Tina Bordelon's board "Paint & Patina Techniques", followed by 145 people on Pinterest. Sand recently painted areas of the car with 600- to 800-grit sandpaper, so that paint in both the new and existing colors is visible. Rat rods like this one can even combine modern and vintage cues while the "barn find" movement relies on originality and dust to connect the vehicle to it's history. A paint brush. Patina occurs in nature on metals such as copper and bronze when the metals are exposed over long periods of time to air and moisture. Terrible Tom . The clear coat, especially, seems to shed any paint placed over it. Patina Aged Painted Dresser from Do Dodson Designs. You defiantly have to be using a thin auto paint for this to work. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. 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Create the same effect with paint. Then dip just the ends of the bristles into the paint and then wipe some away on a paper towel. We'll work to keep you motivated and informed and with industry news, product information and reviews, event coverage, and well-curated articles and stories intended to inspire and educate. Your hard … Profile Page. 12 Ridiculously Amazing Patina Projects. To make this color, I used silver (5 parts), blue (1 part) and yellow (1 part). Specifically the 2009 "ClasSix" truck. Last week, Do from Do Dodson Designs warned me this technique is addictive. 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There are countless instructional videos out there on how to get the look, and just as many opinions on how absurd it is, too. The top left is Green Patina lightly sprayed across wet Copper Paint. There are a few different types of timing sets out there, each for a specific application. How to Patina Walls. I was tempted to leave it at the red-oxide stage.. Haha.....I'm pretty sure what you see is the finished product.